April 19, 2012

One woman's garbage ...

Ok, I don't know about you, but I love the use of reclaimed items mixed with clean and elegant furnishings. It gives a sense of life, adventure and casual elegance. This headboard is beautifully matched with clean white linens and a soft Sea blue giving the headboard center stage.

Here the use of a barn door on a slide mixed with the modern and clean white sets the stage for a sense of luxury and warmth. Both of these designs allow the reclaimed item to take center stage allowing them to create that 'wow' moment in the room.

But you don't always have to give way to those reclaimed items. Sometimes they're just as beautiful as an accent rather than the entire moment. Such as this vintage park bench painted in a beautiful Eggshell Blue.

 If you have a favorite reclaim shop, don't keep it a secret! ;o) I'd love to hear about your reclaim moments!

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