May 23, 2012

Inspiring Entryways

The entrance of your home is the first thing that guests see when they walk in your door. It's also the first sign of 'home' after a long day of work, so why is it that entryways are often left forgotten? Your entryway should welcome not only guests but also say to you "welcome home! Come on in and relax, you've had a hard day." Here are a few entryways to help you get inspired!

This entryway is both inviting AND functional! It allows for a place to sit and put on / take off shoes and coats. It's also very easy on the eyes. :o)

If you're tight on space, and aren't able to create a grand sitting area, then this is the inspiration for you. Adding shelving that doubles as storage allows for a place to put those keys when you walk in the door and minimizes clutter. For ease of use, add a smaller scale chair at the opening of the entry or in the corner to allow for someone to sit and put on / take off their shoes.

If you don't have a ton of space, wall paper is a great way to make a statement! This entryway utilizes it's space by adding a bench and a small table, but maximizes its wow-factor by adding a slightly metallic wall paper and mirrors. This helps to not only brighten up the entry, but also making it feel larger than it really is. Reflective surfaces are very 'in' and fun, but be careful not to over use them. I love to pair mirrors with darker items (such as the rich espresso wood finishes shown below), this helps to ground the space.

I hope you're inspired to welcome guests in with a fantastic Entryway! Feel free to message me for ideas and help!


  1. Where did you purchase the 3 mirrors and the bench? Thanks

    1. Hi there love this!! The three mirrors are exactly what I need for my living room. Where can I find them? I've surfed the net looking but have not found.

      Thank you in advance!
      Sheri Harrell

  2. I would love to know where to buy these mirrors as well! Gorgeous design.