May 24, 2012

Kitchen Love

So we all know that life revolves around food. In the home, the kitchen is often the heart of the family and where people naturally gather. So shouldn't your kitchen reflect you? If you were to look at your kitchen right now, what would it be saying about you...? Right now, mine is say it needs a coat of paint and a glass back splash :o), but it also says that I'm functional. With the kitchen it has to be a good balance between function and style - both are different for every family.

This is an absolutely beautiful kitchen; bringing the outdoors in with numerous windows and a fantastic location. But lets face, it, we're not all so lucky to have the structure or the location to make this kitchen a reality. That doesn't mean you can't have an open airy feeling like this one. In reality, this kitchen is a Galley style and is limited on space, but the windows makes it feel larger than it is. If you aren't able to install a room full of windows, select white cabinetry (or a lighter color) with glass fronts; I would suggest a fogged glass, that way you don't have to worry about the inside of your cupboards looking perfect.

This kitchen is high on style and function. Boasting an eat-in area at the island and plenty of cabinetry, the color pallet also helps it to feel open and airy. This kitchen also has a great working triangle. When working in the kitchen, ideally the sink + refrigerator + stove top should = a triangle. This allows you to access the necessary prep and cooking areas with fewer steps (and hopefully fewer opportunities to make a mess).

While the kitchen above may be a little more feminine with the eggshell blue and white, this kitchen is all Man. The use of hard materials (a wood back splash, stainless steel, and leather) gives this kitchen a masculine feel. It is a beautiful Kitchen that gives off a swanky cocktail party feel in an uptown loft.

Here is another great kitchen with an island. This kitchen is a little more neutral with the mahogany island and white cabinetry. This is a great compromise of feminine and masculine while still being a beautiful kitchen.

Storage tends to be the one thing people always ask for more of. Don't forget your dinning room can be an extension of your kitchen. Armour's can be used to store your prettier items like serving dishes, Grandma's tea set, or that collection of fabulous salad plates that you just can't get enough of!

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