May 16, 2012

Color Love - Shades of Green

Green is such a powerful color; it can be used as a calming, tranquil color, or to spice up a room and add that 'wow' moment. One of my favorite shades of Green is the oh so popular Kelly Green. Because this is such a popular shade of green, it makes it easy to find accessories in it, which is my favorite use. Kelly Green is a vibrant, 'look at me' shade of green, so it's best used in moderation. Below are some great ways to add in pops of Kelly green with accent pillows, universal chairs, or even larger pieces like a dresser. When using a color as bold as this, it's important to pair it with neutrals as well.
For example, If I were to use the dresser, I'd want to pair it with a more muted paint color so I don't overwhelm the eye.

Softer, lighter shades of green paired with a bright white can create a fresh and inspiring space, much like the home office featured below. The bright green walls (similar to Benjamin Moore's "Granny Smith") inspire the mind but isn't too overwhelming when paired with the white furnishings and grounded with the rich wood floors.

To find your perfect shade of green, try Benjamin Moor's Color Stories.

My Personal Favorite:

What's you're favorite shade of green?

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