May 21, 2012

Fun for the Kids

So I personally don't have any children other than myself, my husband and our puppy ;o) But I think a goal for most parents is to keep their kids out of trouble and headed down a good path; what better way to do that than to make your home 'the place to be' for themselves and their friends! If your kids and their friends want to spend time at your own home, then you can keep an eye on them;  it may also promote them to be more open and honest with you in the long run.

Here is a fun room for a younger child (I would say 4 - 12). This room provides a fun, yet organized atmosphere for a child with room for a friend. Adding in pin boards or possibly magnetic paint would allow the room to grow with the child and also allow for some personalization.

Here is another fantastic room that allows for multiple children to get together.  This would be great at a vacation home where they can all pile in to chat & giggle all through the night! This is a dream room for a girls slumber party! Getting them all to sleep, however, may be a bit more challenging :o)

As your children get older, and bunk beds become less and less appealing, it's a bit harder to get them to stick around and actually WANT to spend time at home. But here is a winning room that's sure to keep them in. This is a great multipurpose room for teens and young adults. Add in a small table (possibly a folding table depending on space availability) and this room could also serve as a great spot for homework or family game night.

These are just a few ideas for a great kids room! Feel free to message me with any questions on how to turn your kids space into 'the place to be'!

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