May 22, 2012

Dinning Al Fresco

So here in the Pacific Northwest, we don't get too many chances to dine Al Fresco, but on the days we do, it is beautiful! Especially if you have a view of Mt. Rainier! With Summer right around the corner, I though it would be a great time to get the creative juices flowing and get a head start on the planning for your Al Fresco dinner parties (don't forget my invite!) :o)

This Beautiful dinning scape include rich Royal Blue with fresh white linens and brings a Moroccan feel to the party. Pillows and hanging lanterns gives it a casual 'shoes optional' feel and is sure to welcome guests to dinner and conversation.

This Al Fresco party utilizes its sparse surroundings by introducing a bright, bold yellow.  This setting is again casual yet inviting allowing for a free flowing & fun feeling to the party. Add in a few more bottles of Vino, and this is my kind of party! :o)

For a more formal dinning feeling, set specific place settings and name cards. This Party uses fresh flowers and succulents as the centerpiece, again bringing a more formal feeling in a fun innovative way. I love the use of moss as a 'table runner'. 

This next Al Fresco experience includes the best of both worlds. A less extravagant center piece gives the table a more casual feel, but still allowing for the formal place settings. Removing the name cards again adds more spontaneity to the party and removes a bit of the formality. the rich wood chairs paired with white linens and yellow accents is inviting to the eye and welcomes guests to the table. 

Having a dinner party doesn't mean that you have to feed the nation, it could be a simple dinner for yourself and another couple. This Al Fresco party sets the tone with outdoor lighting and comfortable seating. A causal feel paired again with the formal place settings invites you to sit, relax, eat and enjoy the company.

I hope you're inspired! Enjoy the summer outdoors and don't forget to dine Al Fresco!

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