July 9, 2012

Vintage Chic

While my personal home is currently styled in a contemporary feel, I have a soft spot in my heart for that Vintage chic - French feel. To me it says "oooh lala, I'm in love".

I think that many people see vintage or french country as feminine, which it is very easy to do, but it can also feel very masculine. The combo below is a great example of this. The first picture is a little more neutral with a combination of hard finishes (such as the vintage metal light and the dark mirrored frame) with feminine touches (such as the fresh flowers and crown embossed pillows). The middle image tends towards the feminine with the crystal chandelier, gold gilded wing back chair, and the fresh flowers. The last image leans to the masculine with the use of rich dark woods, but nicely balances with the pure white walls and fixtures.

One of the greatest aspects of a vintage inspired interior is that it feels lived in; when a space feels lived in, it tends to feel inviting because people aren't afraid to 'live' with you in your space. Below are a few examples of different ways to use vintage pieces to create that perfectly lived in feeling.

For me, I like to mix a little vintage with a little modern. Here is a guest bedroom that fits that description perfectly. The Vintage headboard painted in a fresh coat of white pay homage to the world of old, but in a fresh new feel. Also, the sleek lines of the nightstand mixed with a vintage fan and polished chrome wall lamp gives a fresh clean feel while still maintaining a 'lived in' look.

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