July 16, 2012

Inspiring Tablescapes

Be it a small gathering of friends for dinner, a birthday bash, or an event as big as your Big Day, the table sets the stage for the evening. Every detail paints a picture of what you want your party to be, whether that's classy and refined, laid back and causal, or a mixture of both. The hardest part about setting the table is picking the right details to create that mood.

Here is a tablescape that sets the stage for a lush and opulent party. I love the use of gold tones mixed with a deep royal blue. This color pallet gives a sense of richness and royalty.

If you're going for a more laid-back and casual setting, try mixing and matching different patterned napkins in either the same or complementing colors. Mixing unique center pieces such as succulents, fruit, and even a uniquely shaped vessel for your drink of choice. The key here is not to be too 'matchy matchy'

I love a black and white color scheme. Or, if not purely black and white, the use of lights and darks in neutral colors to create visual interest, but still maintain a calming appeal. These types of tablescapes and go either way, formal or laid back.

Going 'natural' can be done in so many ways. I love the use of branches to bring a natural feeling to a party. Branches bring in a sense of the outdoors in, but also a sense of life. The movement and natural lines of the branches create a sense of intrigue to any party.

After seeing all of these beautiful tablescapes, I'm inspired to have a dinner party! I don't really have an event coming up, but who needs an excuse to have friends over?! ;o)

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