August 14, 2012

Creative Organizing

If you're like me, organizing and de-cluttering doesn't always happen in the spring. Hence, my organizing tips here in late summer ;o) That being said, being organized, de-cluttered, and having an overall clean home is SUPER important, not only so you can find what you need, but it will actually make a physical difference in your mood! There's nothing like coming home to clean, fresh home. Here are some Organizing tips to help you get there.

1. Separate that laundry. By creating a designated space for dirty laundry, it will keep it off the floor AND help you sort your cloths.

2. Group like items such as spices, juices, oils, breads. This is also helpful in the office; magazines, bills due, bills paid, books, etc. Don't underestimate the use of labels!

 3. organize that junk drawer! Again, group together like items. Pencil drawer dividers and cutlery dividers work GREAT for junk drawers.

4. Don't underestimate shelving. Using personal pictures in front of stacked books & magazines or storage boxes is a great way to add personality to your space. Mix and match books, magazines, boxes, pictures and decorative items to give that well rounded eclectic vibe.

5. Welcome yourself, and guests, with serenity. Use benches that double as storage, or shelving with built in storage.

6. Use all of your space. If you have a laundry closet, add doors with a built-in shelf above the Washer and Dryer (the empty space).

7. Display the pretty things. Choose a collection to display (jars, stamps, etc.) and contain the rest.

8. Think outside the box. Take things that were once meant for one thing, and use them for some crafty storage.

9. Galvanized bins with chalkboard paint labels. This is a great way to store kids toys, laundry items, and garage items. By using chalk board paint, the bins can grow and evolve with the room and your storage needs.

10. Label those cords! This makes it so much easier to replace items so you don't have to unplug EVERYTHING just to replace the table lamp on your desk.

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