April 23, 2012

Garden Momments

With the sun being out the last few days, people here in the Pacific Northwest have been getting their hands dirty! Getting the garden ready for their beautiful spring flowers and creating those beautiful garden moments to draw the eye. No matter the size of the space, you too can create a garden moment in your yard. One of the simplest, and most impacting ways to create that Garden moment is to put in a water feature.

 In my In-laws backyard, they've used a few of my husbands childhood Tonka Trucks to create a moment of fun and nostalgia and it is SUPER adorable!

And of course, Arbors make a beautiful entry as well as a garden moment.

Here are a few garden moments to inspire...

Thank you to Jack & Lucy and Ricky & Liz for allowing me to join you on such a beautiful day and take photo's of your wonderful Garden spaces! I look forward to seeing them once the spring flowers have been planted and start blooming!

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