May 29, 2012

Rooms that POP

I love a neutral pallet; my home utilizes shades of grey and white as a base and then I add in accents of colors here and there with the seasons. As a designer I LOVE so MANY different colors and styles; utilizing a neutral pallet makes it easy for me to change out accessories when my mood changes (which is pretty frequently). However, many people have that one color that they truly adore! So why not use it in a fun way?! Here are some great inspiring spaces for you to add in that POP of your favorite color without going overboard (afterall, we want it to remain your favorite color).

This room is just so fun and colorful I had to share it. The designer of this beautiful sunroom grounded the space by using neutral fabrics on the main furnishings and flooring, but then adding in color with accent pieces such as curtains, ottomans, pillows, and lighting. I also love the ottomans used for the coffee table and side tables - doubling as seating when needed.

 I hope this inspires you to add in a pop of color here and there to your space!

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