September 26, 2012

My wreath obsession

So Fall is one of my favorite times of year because this is when people start making all sorts of crafty wreaths and decorating their entry way. Thus far, I have not had the time to decorate my own wreath, but I thought I'd share my passion and maybe get inspired!
Here is one that I absolutely LOVE! I'm such a sucker for neutral colors and the elegance they create. This wreath is made of burlap with some fun fabric floral accents.
This one is absolutely beautiful. The first, and only, time I've ever seen unharvested cotton was a year ago when I went to Tennessee for my cousins wedding (Hi Nina!). It was beautiful! Fields and fields of white angel clouds covered the ground. Here in the Seattle area, we don't exactly get a lot of cotton growing. So when I found this wreath, it made me think of family and the beauty of those fields.
If you want to add a pop of color and bring in the fall, this is the wreath for you. Simple to make, but a big impact visually.
{Created by Miss Lovie}
This wreath can so easily be customized for your style. I love the white and turquoise, but for fall I would probably do a burnt orange or some other neutral. Love the idea of putting your house numbers on the wreath!
{Created by Teach.Craft.Love}
I just Love Love Love wreaths! Hopefully you're inspired to get out there and welcome Fall! Here are some more fun wreaths (click on the image for the source). Happy Fall!

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